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Merge two pictures by overlapping them and choosing a transparency degree. The tool supports TIF, GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP image formats.

STG Picture Merge is an easy-to-use application that allows you to merge two pictures into one. It can be a fun process and also you can get a great effect while viewing the images get merged together in a beautiful way. It can be useful in different cases: for example, when merging two different types of maps together or to design your photos and pictures.

The program has a simple interface, which consists of three fields: image 1, image 2 and image 3. On the right you can see resolutions of the images. To merge pictures, you need to load images into the first and second fields - and the result will be shown in the third field. Also, you can change the transparency effect of the Image 2. So, the first image serves as a background and the second one overlays it. In addition, you can preview the resulting image before saving it. STG Picture Merge supports some common image formats such as Png, Jpg and Bmp.The application is totally free and has a very small size. It comes with a help file and a link to the developer’s home page.

Julia Galygo
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